Meme Monday: Classic Literature & Super Cool Ski Instructor

As previous posts have shown, I love exploring memes in the context of literature.  While the point of a meme is often to use the image to describe an every day life experience, I like to think of what memes would best fit characters from classic literature.

Below I’ve tried to match the Mariner from Rime of the Ancient Mariner with the “super cool ski instructor meme”–if the Mariner could use this meme, his eternity of having to walk the earth telling his story would likely be easier.  Read more about this meme here.

What other situations from classical literature would fit this meme?


Meme Monday: Sudden Clarity Clarence

This week’s meme is a simple picture of a young man as he has an epiphany.  The beauty of the image is the juxtaposition.  While many college kids are messing around beside him, he finds his eyes suddenly opened.  Of course, the trick of the meme is making sure that his epiphany isn’t all that monumental, but still noteworthy.  You can read more about it here.

Here is my SF/F themed attempt: [Read more...]

Meme Monday: Success Kid

This week’s meme is one of my favorites: Success Kid.  What a perfect image.  It’s pretty self explanatory: any time you experience a moment of good luck or unexpected success, this kid’s mug symbolizes that instant that you recognize your fortune.  Read more about it here.

My first attempt is based on my favorite moments of good luck as a reader and a film viewer: [Read more...]