Good Name: Mundys

J. K. Rowling’s name for nonmagical people, muggles, is known to everyone on the planet.  It’s a good name.  A little goofy.  But in the Potterverse muggles are goofy, so it works.  However, I recently read Bill Willingham’s Peter & Max: A Fables Novel and I have to admit, I like his word, “mundys” a lot … [Read more…]

Damn Good Name: Offred

Naming characters and places can be very challenging.  Obviously names are important.  You want them to sound good, sound real, and have the appropriate flavor (consider Mundungus Fletcher, if you will…).  But at the same time, names usually mean very little.  They are arbitrary markers.  Conglomerates of syllables — until you craft your character/place, of … [Read more…]