1. Great advice and good blog post.

    I often read books where the heroine or hero are whispering a lot. I trying to imagine them whispering, but it’s hard, because I’ve never encountered people who whisper during conversations. Unless of course they are low talkers, which drives me nuts when I can’t hear what they are saying.


  2. i’ve been busy getting up a new blog and clean foorgt to vote on the 7th. darn! i’ve missed two days. i will vote for you everyday from now on! i just voted for you now thank goodness i came by today. also i listed you on my blog roll links without asking your permission! i’ve been doing that and then feel guilty and going back and asking people if it’s alright! not sure of the protocol here. but i want people to see your blog. i love it!it really is a lot of fun. i don’t know how to do pictures yet. i’ve only written three posts. they’re sort of like journal entries. i’ve always kept a journal now am just doing it on the screen. a creative outlet.hugs and tremendous good luck here’s to you to such a classy talented broad! your video is great!love,tammy j

  3. That is great. I didn’t see the whole show but the video clip you did great for the little bit of time they gave you! I love your patnerts by the way and some day when my friends all stop having babies I can start making toys for the toddlers! :)

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