1. Love this advice. I do that a lot with my POV character in my WIP novel. Not so much with the other characters – I was using the analogies themselves to differentiate character voices. Didn’t even really think about the *types* of analogies. Good ‘un!

    • I actually do think the French get a bad rep for WWII. The German war mcanihe was pretty amped up and hungry. And certainly the French resistance was no small player in the world. I think it kind of stings to the French that America did step in and bring a great deal to the fight, but then that should go for all of Europe at the time. We were bigger and younger and booming out of a serious Depression with untouched mechanical production systems safe from harm. We were the ones to beat.I think the French are so much like Americans in their fierce pride that I think almost all of our complaints about the French are exactly the complaints we should have about ourselves.We really are like siblings who just don’t seem to really get along because we share so many commonalities.The French attitude of France: take it on our terms is very much like our American attitude of come to us, we don’t come to you . France is for the French and visitors are welcome but don’t pester the French too much. They’ve got stuff to do. French stuff. They’re busy.Right now they are celebrating 50 years of the Treaty of Elysee between France and Germany. The papers are all talking about how intertwined France and Germany are today that it would be unthinkable for them to go to war with each other again. But I fear when I hear that sort of rhetoric. No war is unthinkable to the sufficiently angry. Right now there’s a good relationship between the two countries but things and events change.The EU is strained right now. Germany (rightfully) feels like it is the headmaster, the UK is doing OK but they’ve always kept EU at arms length and now they are talking seriously about leaving it. The problem with the EU is that each country is independent but dependant upon the union. No central control can be exercised without it seeming like German attempts to take over and dictate (again). I hope the economy turns around soon before the strain gets too large on the EU. It seems like people in Europe are seriously thinking more and more about dissolution in bits and pieces. Which means poorer countries like Spain and Greece will get hurt badly. Even talk within Spain of the _country_ itself fragmenting. So yes, there’s still a granularity of peoples here. And those memories don’t seem to fade.

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