John Goodman is the Grim Reaper (Or: So Long “Community”)

I remember watching the first four seasons of The West Wing in awe of how Aaron Sorkin was able to write nearly every episode of the show.  What made that show–and others like it–was the singularity of the vision, the character’s voices, and the heart at the center of it all.  Sorkin was The West Wing, and so naturally, NBC fired him.

Now the same fate has befallen the creator of Community, Dan Harmon.  I’ll never understand how you renew a cult show with a vocal following and then rip out its heart and soul directly after renewing it.  Spite?  Revenge?

Either way, I must note that both with West Wing and Community, it was the appearance of John Goodman that came to signify the end.  Just before Sorkin was canned, Goodman came on as the Republican Speaker of the House who took the President’s job; just before Harmon was canned, Goodman appeared as the vice dean who succeeded (ultimately) in splitting the group up.  As soon as this guy shows up on Mad Men, I will begin to worry about Matthew Weiner’s future at the helm.

All of this is just cruel.  Cruel, cruel, cruel.

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