1. Jon

    Good thoughts. At the same time, as someone who likes to keep everything tight in his stories, I worry about too much of this — X’s sleep habits, Y’s weird tics — defocusing the piece.

    • L.B. Gale

      Undoubtedly. I wouldn’t urge that each and every scene or chapter include all of these details. If you’re not careful, following any one of these suggestions can lead to lengthy digressions. The idea is that when you are including small details that aim to make your characters ‘pop’ go with the kind of detail that grounds them rather than the generic (“he snacked on pistachios” vs. “he sucked on a handful of pistachios and spit them out, preferring the salted shell to the meat of the nut.”).

  2. Leahl

    Please. A nose pick, by definition, involves inserting a digit into the nose. Inside, that is. People who are clever enough to deal with an irritating snot by pinching rather than inserting, are to be commended for greatly decreasing the gross factor.

  3. p Donnelly

    I wrote a teen love story with a scene with the hero, a thirteen year old boy called Peter, sitting on the toilet at school while his two friends were peeing. They tease him and say they will tell the girl he likes that he’s having a poo on the loo.

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