1. Riley

    It’s so weird when companies only allow a few fans to use their products and then wait for the rest of us to twiddle their thumbs until it opens for all. Google Plus did it too and I doubt it worked out the way they planned. In some ways Pottermore- whatever it does- will create a community for Potter fans but that already exists. Fan fiction, Youtube groups, Facebook fan pages are dedicated to the books. I think it will be a disappointing experience and seems more about making more money then actually promoting new ways to look at the books. I might be wrong I mean does anyone know what this website actually does?

    • L.B. Gale

      I thought the whole point was to drive up buzz by making it exclusive, but then the buzz dropped off dramatically. I don’t quite get what it does, and nothing I’ve seen makes me interested in finding out. So, yeah, it seems like a bit of a marketing failure thus far.

  2. Anonymous

    My own view on the hype around the pottermore website is that JKR decided to hopefully squash rumours that she is a techno-phob by not allowing the harry potter books to be available as e-books, so she ‘invented’ a website to cover this adverse publicity.
    Pottermore is just a hype & con website that will never deliver the promises made by JKR because she never wanted it to be

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