1. As I get older, I realize more and more the gaps in my reidnag. I had gobbled up the Tom Swift, Jr. books as a kid, but had never read the original series. Other items I had never read included many of the Bomba the Jungle Boy books, Roy Rockwood’s Marvel series, the Oz books, E. Nesbit, Doctor Doolittle, Mike Mars, Roald Dahl, or George MacDonald. I find that I can still enjoy them and that I am able to enjoy many of the current YA books also.A couple of caveats: I could not get into Harry Porter at all, and I gagged my way through the first Twilight book. Most of the mystery juveniles and YAs I read as a kid could not hold my interest; why would I choose those when there was a world of adult mysteries out there?The best YA fiction works to engage the reader honestly.

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